CIA’s ‘terror’ board game sold on auction

The ‘terror’ version of ‘snake and ladders’ board game commissioned by the CIA and never released on the market has now been sold at auction. Featuring Osama Bin Laden, other Al-Qaeda’s members and former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as snakes, the game was supposed to be part of an ‘influence operation’ in 2005 and distributed in Arab and Muslim countries to scare children and keep them away from these leaders.

osama board game

Image source: The Hindu (here)

The prototype of the game pictured above was designed by Donald Levine, the creator of GI Joe. Commissioned by the CIA, Levine also designed and produced a scary prototype of the Osama Bin Laden action figure to dissuade children from joining any terrorist group (see our previous posts here and here). The board game went never into production and the ‘influence operation’ was dropped.

The board game was sold at auction on 25th June 2015 for $625 through the U.S. auctioneers Nate D Sanders and also included a pair of dice and colorful game pieces.

To see the auction page click here.

For more information click here and here.



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